The Discord Bot with fun!

since 2020

Commands & Features

Fun commands

Command Description
+8ballGet an answers to you questions
+asciiPut your text in Ascii-font
+avatarShows the avatar of an user
+bannerShow the banner of an user
+binary-decodeTranslate binary-codes to letters
+binary-encodeTranslate letters to binary-codes
+calculatorUse the calculator
+cointossFlip a coin
+embedsayLet a bot write a desired message in a embed
+emojiGet a random emoji (70 Emojis available)
+emojifyTranslate letters and numbers to emojis
+guessthenumberGuess a random number in a range of numbers
+iqGet the IQ from a user
+jokeGet a joke (12 jokes available)
+mathgameGet a math question and calculate these
+memeGet a random memes (317 Memes available)
+randomnumberGenerate a random number
+roulettePlay Roulette with Coin(s)
+rpsPlay Rock-Paper-Scissors
+sayLet a bot write a desired message
+slapSlap a user
+thismoment"This moment, when..."* (0 moments available)
+translateTranslate your text in other languages

Economy commands

Command Description
+auszahlenWithdraw Coin(s) from your account
+buyBuy an item from the shop
+crimeGet your 3 hour reward, but you can lose some Coins in this command
+dailyGet your 3 hour reward
+einzahlenDeposit your Coin(s)
+flipPlay money gambling with Coin(s)
+inventoryGet your inventory
+leaderboardbankRecall the richest players
+leaderboardbarRetrieve the richest players who have money in hand
+paySend Coin(s) to a user
+redeemcodeRedeem a code
+robRob an user
+shopOpen the
+statsGet the stats of a user
+weeklyGet your weekly reward
+workGet your 3 hour reward

Moderation commands

Command Description
+banBan users from the discord servers
+checkwarnsWarn a user
+clearClear the chat
+deleteallwarnsDelete all warns from a user
+deletewarnDelete a warn from a user
+giveallroleGive all players a role
+giveroleGive a user an role
+kickKick users from the discord server
+lockLock a channel
+nukeRecreate the channel with same settings
+removeallroleRemove all players a role
+removeroleRemove a user an role
+rolesList of all roles from a user
+slowmodeSet the Slow-Mode
+unbanUnban a user from your guild
+unlockUnlock a channel
+vkickKick a user from a voicechannel
+vmuteMute a user in a voicechannel
+vunmuteUnmute a user in a voicechannel
+warnWarn a user

Information commands

Command Description
+bot-infoGet the bot informations
+checkpermsCheck whether the bot has all the necessary rights
+coronastatsGet statistics about COVID-19
+helpGet the helplist
+inviteSupport Server & Bot-Invite
+lastupdateGet the last update of the ItzBot
+leaderboardvoteSee the leaderboard of the voters
+role-infoGet informations about a role
+server-infoGet the server informations
+user-infoGet informations about a user
+voteGet the ItzBot vote link

Settings commands

Command Description
+customcommandSet customcommands for your server
+getprefixGet the current commandprefix
+languageChange the language
+settingsSetup the server

Other commands

Command Description
+bugSend bugs to the ItzBot Discord
+ideaSend your ideas to the ItzBot Discord
+shopideaSend your ideas for the shop to the ItzBot Discord